Monday, September 12, 2011

Uploading, keywording, uploading....

Over the last couple of days I've been going through a list of top microstock sites and applying as a contributor. Once accepted I've been busy laboriously and inefficiently uploading and keywording my images.

I've found Yuri Arcurs' keywording tool useful so far.

I'm now working through each agency at a time to get them all up to date with my base portfolio of 60 odd images that have been accepted by Istockphoto.

I can see the need to workout a more efficient workflow so that I'm only keywording once. All the agencies differ in how time consuming the process is, but each would be easier if I had the metadata sorted on the computer first. I'll be researching this once I have the first set of uploading done.

Agencies I've applied to are:

Dreamstime - Accepted
Bigstockphoto - Accepted
Fotolia - Accepted
Crestock - Accepted
Depositphotos - Accepted
Shutterstock - Declined. Have to wait 30-days to resubmit.

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