Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Downloads = $0.29!!!

Had a couple of downloads today from Istockphoto, not going to set the stock world on fire with the $0.29 I earned. I think it's a move in the right direction though, interesting to see which pictures are useful to people. Below are the images:

$0.10. Must have been a small file.


Also making some progress on my workflow. Managed to use the lightburner software to upload a batch of pictures to Dreamstime and depositphotos. Also used their prostockmaster software to copy and past bulk keywords to one set of images. Strangely my Nikon viewnx software would not pick up the keywords but lightburner and the stock agencies did. Worked well, had to do some finishing off with Dreamstime though. Have my base batch of pictures on most sites now, just a bit of categorising to do tonight.

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  1. wish you a lot of success! have done the same 2 years and a few months too, havent been easy but sure will take me somewhere, great pics on Alamy