Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kings Troop, Polzeath.

The Kings Troop horses were down on Polzeath beach, Cornwall today. I went down to see if I could get some pictures for editorial use. They can't be regular royalty free as they have people with no model releases. I'm familiar with how this works with Alamy, just set them as rights managed, but it will be a learning curve with the microstock sites. They all have editorial libraries now. It will be interesting to see if my pictures are good enough to be accepted and sold.

The conditions were quite tough, the horses are dark and the background (the sea) bright. I couldn't use any flash as I didn't want to be the idiot that spooks the horses. I learnt a lot, think I  could do better if I had another try. It's quite interesting to see what you can come up with, everything happens very quickly and there are a lot of people getting in the way. Below are a few of the better pictures, I got very wet to get these viewpoints.

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