Sunday, September 11, 2011

Starting Point....

As it stood at the end of August 2011 I had the following number of images and sales:

Portfolio Size & Earnings End August 2011:

Agency SizeDownloads Total Earnings
Stock photography by Terry+Brooks at Alamy 334 1 22
Istockphoto67 5 5.90


  1. Thanks for the reference to my blog! It is great to know that I have inspired someone to take up the challenge of Stock Photography and congratulations on your sales. Getting a sale on Alamy is never easy. I can go for several months with no sales on that site, and then someone buys one! That feels good!

    Keep it up


  2. Thanks Steve! I bought your ebook and am currently working on a more methodical way of uploading, keywording etc. I've signed up to some more agencies and am working through uploading to them all. Fingers crossed!