Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Totals

January, the first month of my new resolutions. For the most part I stuck to my regime. I've process 72 photos and uploaded to all the sites I'm submitting to. A mixture were accepted/rejected so I think across the sites all 72 appear somewhere. I'm quite happy about this effort and will get down to business again in Feb.

Earnings down this month to $22.84, although the last two months were skewed by extended license sales. I think this is a good progress. I'm hoping to build on this in Feb with my new images online.



  1. Thank for commenting on my blog, it's always fun to keep track of others who are trying to get into stock photography! Thanks for sharing all the stats, I'll keep doing the same.

    Quick question... Are you posting your portfolio on Alamy as Rights Managed only? If so, why? I have mine right now as RM/RF.


  2. Hi Dasha,

    I used to have all my pictures on Alamy as RM. That was before I decided to give microstock a real go. Since then I have put all my new uploads as RF as you can't sell an image RF on one site and RM on another (as I understand it). I've deleted some of the older pictures on Alamy and re-uploaded as RF, as you can't change the license type with them even if the picture hasn't sold.

    Good luck look forward to following your progress.

    Do you know of any others starting out like us?